Hi there 👋, my name is Hamed

and this is my journey to airtape.co 🚀.

Technology is a thing I have been passionate about for as long as I can remember. Creating something out of nothing – that amazes me every single time. You can build so many things, for the web, for mobile phones and instantly see results and most of the time it has an immediate impact. This feeling got me hooked very early on.

Early 2019, I casually watched a video on YouTube, that now I can say – changed my view on life. A pretty successful guy from the film industry was talking about taking time off, not just for vacation but for 6-12 months to explore new areas of life. He is saving up his fixed costs and just does what he’s passionate about. My mouth was wide-open, not that I’ve never heard of this idea before but I was like, wait….this is even an option?

Fast forward to early 2020, I decided to leave my full time consulting job to do exactly this: explore! I always watched YouTube videos and loved inspiring podcasts and it was finally time to start one myself. With a good friend of mine, we almost immediately started getting to work, first in person and then due to the pandemic remotely. As we were trying to figure out our setup, I didn’t like any of the solutions on the market for remote recording. And what does a passionate software engineer do? Right – build a solution. This is how airtape was born.

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