Hi there 👋, we are Airtape

and we want to help you record podcasts remotely with your friends, co-hosts, and interviewees 🎙️.

Podcasts are booming—and unsurprisingly, more and more listeners are getting inspired to become creators themselves. As a medium, podcasts allows us to share, discuss, and challenge our views and ideas. They enable us to find our own audicence and to build communities around the topics we love.

Airtape was born out of the desire to record episodes remotely without having to worry about connectivity issues. The global pandemic prohibited us from sharing physical studios for a long time—but it also taught us how to collaborate online much more effectively. Solutions that embody this new remote-everything-paradigm (like Airtape!) now allow us to connect in ways that seemed impossible just a few years ago.

We think personal encounters are wonderful. But we also think physical distance should not prevent us from achieving productive and meaningful collaboration. This is why we are building airtape for podcasters who rightfully demand better, more resilient online tools 💪.

Made in the EU 🇪🇺

We respect your privacy and intellectual property. Airtape is made and hosted in the EU. We will delete your recordings from our servers after just 90 days. Airtape is 100% self-funded and independent. We are not selling any of your data or content.

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